Driving Lessons with Streetwise Driver Training, Nottingham

Tracy Bower, ADI

A DSA Grade 5 female driving instructor based in Burton Joyce, Nottingham.

Tuition Rates

Standard lesson: £25 (One-hour session)

Pre-paid lessons:
For complete novices only, with no previous driving experience

  • 10 hours: £230
  • 20 hours: £410
  • 40-hour course £800

Pass Plus
(Six hours) £150

Special needs lesson: £32

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Phone 07917 518523

Email: Use this form for enquiries

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The Driving Test

Home pageYou must pass a theory test and a practical test to get your full licence.

The theory test

This is in two sections, and you must pass both. First is the multiple-choice section, containing 50 questions focusing on road safety. You must answer at least 43 correctly for a pass. A touch-screen computer is used for this test.

You also have to take a hazard perception test. This consists of 14 video clips showing developing road hazards. There are 13 clips with one hazard, one with two hazards. You click the mouse when you see a potential hazard developing.

Both parts of the theory test must be passed at the same time. Once you have passed, the certificate is valid for 2 years. You must pass the theory test before taking a practical test.

The practical driving test

The practical test lasts approximately 35-45 minutes and may be the first time you drive on your own without instruction. The examiner is not allowed to advise you in any way during the test. They are simply there to see if you have reached the required standard to be given your full licence.

On the way from the test centre to your car the examiner will ask you two "show me, tell me" questions about your vehicle and parts of the engine. They will also check your eyesight. Then it's on with the drive. The manoeuvres are generally done at the beginning of the test. One in three students is asked to perform an emergency stop. On return to the test centre the examiner will tell you the result and give you feedback on the test.

Once you pass the practical test you can apply for a full driving licence. For a two-year probationary period, you are only allowed to accrue six penalty points before your licence is revoked and you have to start the qualifying process again.


The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has published a series of videos on YouTube, including a guide to driving tests


The theory test fee is £26. The practical test costs £62 on weekdays, or £75 on weekday evenings and weekends.